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Get Sh*t Done - Social Media Posts Ebook & Workbook

Get Sh*t Done - Social Media Posts Ebook & Workbook

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Social media can be time consuming. So many platforms coming at you at once… with no time to be on any of them. I mean after you make your product, organize your store, take pictures of your items, package up orders, head to the post office, track your bills… okay, we’ll stop now. It’s not really that scary, is it? Being a small handmade business owner and all? Well, of course not. It’s possible. But we’re here to help make it even more possible. We’re walking you through 20 different content ideas (100 sample posts) for your social media. We’ll follow up each with a check list of action items or thought processes that will get you rolling. And then, we’ll cram in multiple example write ups of each, that you can clearly copy and paste into your own social media. This ebook features a workbook flow that will have you writing, organizing and publishing to Social Media with little effort.

What others are saying:

"Your sample posts are sooo good and worth it! I LOVED IT!... tons of value in it."

"Starting to work through it today! I love the layout..."

"Growing a business is HARD. I'm always trying to learn more and up my strategy game. Thank you @HandmadeCanada for this ebook!"

"@HandmadeCanada has this awesome ebook! Super helpful for me who is brand new to this!"

"I also bought your e-book and OMG, tons of info. It is very useful and I learnt quite a lot. Honestly, It's probably one of the best resources I've came across out there. Straight to the point with loads of practical information. That's pretty much what I'll be doing this weekend. Thank you. ❤"


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